Four Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy in the Summer

Summer is that time of the year that your schedule goes from mildly busy to extremely busy! You barely have anytime to keep up with your usual routines. But some beauty routines shouldn’t be neglected, like your nails. I’ll tell you how to take care of your nails in the summer, because we usually just forget about them while we’re really making sure our skin is safe and sound from the summer's heat and sun!

1. Nourish your nails.

Since you’ll be spending most of your weekends by the pool or the beach, your nails will be always in the sun. So just like your skin gets hurt if you don’t protect it from the hurtful UV rays, your nails will dehydrate and crack too. So make sure your nails and nail-beds are always hydrated with oils like (coconut oil and almond oil) and hand creams.

2. Keep your nails strong.

Swimming can also keep your nails mellow and weak, so you need to keep them strong to avoid nail breaking, as it’s not only unappealing, it’s also hurtful. It’s a slow process, so you better start early, and if you didn’t, it’s never too late. Use natural oils like (coconut oil and almond oil), as I mentioned before or you can use nail strengthening creams or polish.

3. Pick a nail shape that won’t easily break.

Long nails are very attractive, but so not practical in the summer, as they tend to break easily, and with a busy summer schedule it will be very hard to keep them maintained in the right way. So pick a shorter length that you can control. Also pick a nail shape that wouldn't easily break, rounded nails keep your nails safe from breaking.

4. Give up on acetone, and start using an oil-based nail polish remover.

Acetone is very harmful for your nails, and in summer you tend to change your nail polish color almost every day. Acetone offers a big contribution to cracked and dehydrated nails, so give up on acetone and start using oil-based nail polish remover in the summer! Oil-based nail polish removers work their magic just like acetone, but it’s less harmful for your nails.

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