Layered Hairstyles to try Immediately this fall 2019

Need a hairdo but lacking inspiration? We’ve all been there and we totally get it. If you are wondering about the hairdo of the season, then it’s the face-framing layers. And mind you! We’re not referring to the long, boring blunts but the eye-skimming layers that are nothing short of stunning.

The tricks to attain long layered hairstyles are:

  • A layered hairdo will add body to long hair and bring life to dull hair when styling. Request your hairdresser for achieving long layers at the back and smoothen graded layers for framing the face. Balance off the layers with longer bangs.

  • Request your personal stylist when selecting layers. Blended long layers can look smooth while long shag hairdo will look messy.

  • Cut the shortest layer of the hair to highlight the best features on your face especially the cheekbones or chin.

How To Maintain Layered Hair:

Here are few tips to maintain layered hair:

  • Make use of a bristle brush on curly hair as it may smooth out frizz. Those with straight hair should make use of a ceramic brush. This can bring oodles of volume to your hair.

  • Blow-dry your hair for adding volume instantly.

  • Set your blow-dryer in medium heat to prevent extensive damage.

  • Make use of shampoo and conditioner suitable for deep cleansing.

  • When styling your hair, use anti-frizz serum.

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